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Random Password Generator

Select random characters to measure their quality and copy them to the clipboard.

Choose which sets of characters to include;

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How to use

Click. Drag. Release.

That's too much work


Get yourself some password

Click down on the mouse button anywhere among the green characters.

Drag your mouse to select characters. A color indicator will show you how secure your current selection is.

Let go of the mouse button. Your password is automatically copied to your clipboard.

I want moar!

Change the type of characters used, by clicking on one of the many green (enabled) or grey (disabled) buttons.

Whenever you change the type of characters, new characters will be generated.

Want more characters? Click the big refresh button or scroll using your mouse wheel.

Choose to omit characters which are easily confused when reading from paper by unchecking the "confusable" option.

Make sure all the specified sets are used in the password by checking the "Use all sets" option.

Getting down to the nitty gritty

Tested on the Chrome, FireFox and Edge browsers.

When available in your browser, cryptographic strength random number generation is used.

The quality of your password is calculated based on length and the character sets used in the selected password. The resulting score is only in indication; it is no guarantee.

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